SEPTEMBER CHALLENGE | Foreign movies month

Continuing on my idea of improving the experiences in my life, and becoming a bit more conscious about the things I do, eat, read, watch, etc., I decided to dedicate one whole month to really good movies (and strike them off as I do). WATCHING FOREIGN MOVIES 30-days challenge for September 2020 My significant otherContinue reading “SEPTEMBER CHALLENGE | Foreign movies month”

AUGUST CHALLENGE | No screens in bed

I spend way too much time on my phone or idle watching Netflix (usually while scrolling my phone). Once I checked how much time I spend on Instagram (there’s an option for that on your phone) and it turns out – 2,5 hours of my day is spent scrolling IG! It’s 2,5 hours I couldContinue reading “AUGUST CHALLENGE | No screens in bed”

JULY CHALLENGE | 10 000 steps a day

This is a pretty simple one. I spend most of my day sitting down, typing, and whatnot. This challenge is here to make me walk more. To not take a bus to the ferry port, but to walk those 3 kilometers. To not take an elevator to my (4th) floor but to walk up. SinceContinue reading “JULY CHALLENGE | 10 000 steps a day”

What waking up earlier taught me

This year, I have decided to finish ten 30-days challenges, to improve my overall well being and introduce some good habits, while letting go of some of the bad ones. In May, the challenge was to wake up every morning at 6 AM. I know this must feel a bit ridiculous to those that areContinue reading “What waking up earlier taught me”

JUNE CHALLENGE | Reading an article a day

Since March of 2020, I am doing a 30-days challenge each month, to improve my health, create some good habits, and lose some of the bad ones. You can read all about my challenges in the original post where I listed all 10 that I am doing this year, and in this blog post, IContinue reading “JUNE CHALLENGE | Reading an article a day”

Why do I feel bad about feeling good?

This is one of those blog posts about self care during the pandemic. And about those that argue against those that write about self care during the pandemic. Its about learning new skills, taking time for yourself, feeling good but also about not feeling good. There are two types of content currently circling around myContinue reading “Why do I feel bad about feeling good?”

FREEBIE + 7 reasons to visit Pučišća, the prettiest small place in Europe

Okay, disclaimer right from the beginning – this is my hometown so I might be a tiny bit biased. Just a tiny bit. Still, there are many reasons you should visit Pučišća, small village on the island of Brač (Croatia) as soon as you can! #1 IT’S ONE OF THE PRETTIEST SMALL PLACES IN EUROPEContinue reading “FREEBIE + 7 reasons to visit Pučišća, the prettiest small place in Europe”

FREE COLORING BOOK | Teach your kids about waste management!

Today is the Earth day, celebrated around the world to show appreciation for our planet and to promote environmental protection. Mostly, it’s the day we use to share beautiful images of nature, and not much more, unfortunately. So much of our daily actions work against that very same nature, whether it be our shopping choices,Continue reading “FREE COLORING BOOK | Teach your kids about waste management!”

APRIL CHALLENGE | Working out each day

My year of 30-days challenges starts with the ones concerning the body. In March, I stopped eating pastries and bread, and in April, I started working out each day hoping to lose some weight and improve my overall health and wellbeing. WORKING OUT EACH DAY 30 DAYS CHALLENGE FOR APRIL 2020 Continuing on my self-improvementContinue reading “APRIL CHALLENGE | Working out each day”